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Stock Markets


At Arc Trading our success can be attributed to the core values which underpin all aspects of our brokerage firm. By staying true to these values we continue to deliver market-leading investment solutions to our valued clients.


Our approach to investment is entirely impartial, due to the fact that we are a wholly independent brokerage house. This means we are not tied to any one stock, product, or market, which allows us to be able to select investments based on a best in class basis. This in turn allows us to maintain our position as pioneers in multi-manager and multi-asset investing.

Client Focused

Providing an unparalleled service is at the heart of everything we do. As our business model has been built around our clients, we appreciate the need to deliver the highest level of customer service. Due to the bespoke nature of the majority of our investment services, we require a detailed understanding of our clients' current financial situation and goals, which allows us to tailor out investment strategy accordingly.

Forward Thinking

Whilst our range of services are based around traditional values, we also incorporate state of the art technology and forward thinking. With an integrated risk framework we can map out our projected outlook of the ever-changing financial world, leading to a well-rounded client proposition.

Global Perspective

Our extensive range of worldwide associates allows us to maintain our investment proficiency, within the context of a truly global perspective in today's increasingly inter-connected world.