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Stock Markets


Clients here at Arc Trading can invest in a wide variety of assets classes, sectors and indices, and are not restricted to the domestic market.

Below is a list of the asset classes our clients are able to invest in:


Clients have direct access to a wide range of international companies, as our market analysts indentify major companies and SME's (shares) from all over the world, operating in a variety of different industries including but not limited to: banking, manufacturing, transportation, IT etc.


Commodities represent many of the world's vital resources such as crude oil, copper, gold, rice, sugar and wheat. Commodity prices are directly influenced by a range of different factors specific to each commodity class. These include, but are not limited to: supply and demand, weather conditions and the political climate in addition to pure speculation in some cases.


Many astute investors prefer to trade indices rather than individual companies, as they generally provide a more expansive view of the current economic climate. Index trading allows investors to buy and sell individual markets in the same way as they would trade in the individual shares of a company.