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Stock Markets


The Arc Trading research division provides wide ranging research covering numerous capital markets around the globe. Our research is objective, judicious and thought provoking, and our heavily researched investment opportunities aim to add value to our clients' portfolios.

The Arc Trading research philosophy revolves around the idea of adding value to, and generating capital for our client base, with an unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive market research being the cornerstone of our successful broker-client relationships.

Our clients depend on our research department to identify growth-orientated sector companies. When carrying out our ubiquitous market research, no cost is spared in our research efforts, as our analysts are required to travel extensively in order to indentify suitable investment opportunities, that we believe will add value to our client's portfolios and generate a positive return on investment.

Our analysts are required to develop strong relationships with the senior management of the companies that they are analyzing. This ensures they are able to gain an in-depth understanding of the business model and the sectors in which they operate. This deep understanding and our objectivity means the research we provide is always of high quality, offering value to our clients as a result of its originality of thought, insight and thorough analysis.