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Our discretionary portfolio management service incorporates our wealth of experience and expertise in order to develop your portfolio.

Flexibility is vital when operating in volatile markets where change is time-critical. The discretionary service allows us to respond quickly to any changes in the market and counteract any negativity, in order to meet the investment objectives of our clients, whilst always ensuring we are equally pro-active with our communication.

The discretionary managed portfolios generally consist of individual securities, commodities and and/or funds, however clients can also invest exclusively into collective investment schemes commonly known as multi-manager investing.

All new clients will need to have a thorough financial analysis carried out by one of our brokers, in order for us to fully understand the unique circumstances and aspirations of the client, before we can tailor their portfolio to meet their specific objectives and risk profile. A clear communication process has been structured to ensure all of our clients are regularly updated with contract notes if/when we deal, as well as receiving regular portfolio valuations, which show performance versus any agreed benchmarks. Portfolio valuations can be provided upon request from the client, in addition to contact with their assigned broker to discuss your portfolio at any point.


The advisory portfolio management service has been designed for clients who want to leave the portfolio management duties to their assigned broker, but also wish to have the final say in any investment decisions. Our service aims to provide clients with extensively researched investment opportunities that take into consideration your risk profile.

After the assigned broker has determined the investment objectives and risk parameters of the client, they then tailor the investment portfolio to meet their specific financial requirements. We provide wide-ranging advice and retain ongoing responsibility for the portfolio; however, no investment will be undertaken without prior consent from the investor.

Clients will receive regular valuations and in depth performance reports, and can request either of the aforementioned documents at any time. Please note that risk and performance will be considered on the basis of the portfolio and pre-determined goals as a whole, not at an individual stock level.